Thuraya Prepay SIM Card (12 Months Validity)

Thuraya Prepay SIM Card (12 Months Validity)


Thuraya Prepay SIM Card, preload with 10 units and validity of 12 months.



Approximately: US$71.44


Thuraya Prepay SIM

Validity: 12 months

Preloaded Credits: 10 units

Renewal Fee: SGD55 (USD$39)

SIM Validity
Initial SIM validity is 12 months (i.e., 365 days) effective first call. SIM card is cancelled if the first call is not made within 180 days from the date of activation.
Validity can be extended subject to payment of renewal fee.

Renewal Fee
Renewing the SIM card will extend the validity by 12 months (i.e., 365 days).
Renewal fee is waived for heavy users, those who are making more than $1,500 worth of satellite calls per year.
Upon renewal, any remaining balance from the main account and sub-account (in the case of Thuraya Prepay 100) can be used by the customer.

Grace Period
Upon SIM expiry, if subscriber has sufficient balance in his main account to pay for the renewal fee, the system automatically deducts the renewal fee and extends the validity of the SIM card by 12 months.
If subscriber has insufficient balance to renew the account, the subscriber is given 90 days grace period to top-up his account with sufficient balance to renew the SIM card.
During grace period, incoming calls are possible.
Upon entering grace period, any remaining balance from both main account and sub-account will be retained and can be used by the customer once the SIM card has been renewed.

If subscriber fails to renew the account within the grace period, account will be deactivated and any remaining balance will expire.

Billing Increment
Voice, Data 9.6K, Fax, Dial-up Internet services are charged based on minimum duration of 60 seconds and 60 second-increments, thereafter.
SMS is charged per 160-character message.
Prepaid GmPRS service is charged based on minimum volume of 100KB and 100KB increments, thereafter per CDR. Prepaid GmPRS CDRs are generated per data session.

Supplementary Services
The following features are offered free of charge:
- Call Forwarding
- Call Waiting and Call Hold
- Conference Calling
- Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
- Voice Mail
- Customer Controlled Barring

Change of Price Plan
Change of price plan will be charged USD$20 for each request.
The USD$20 fee will be deducted from the customer?s prepaid account balance. If the account has insufficient balance, the change of price plan will be put on hold until the customer tops up his account with enough balance to pay for this fee.

MarketContainer/Cargo, Cruise, Fishing Vessels, Leisure Yacht, Naval, Patrol Boat

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Thuraya Prepay SIM Card (12 Months Validity)

Thuraya Prepay SIM Card (12 Months Validity)

Thuraya Prepay SIM Card, preload with 10 units and validity of 12 months.

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