DNH: Unique Aqua 30 is a completely sealed loudspeaker designed for underwater applications. The Aqua 30 features rated power 30 watts at 8 ohms and is constructed from PA materials. The Aqua 30 is ideal for applications including synchronised swimming, diving courses, hotels, leisure parks and special applications such as test laboratories.


5" 6W ceiling speaker. One of our top selling ceiling speakers. Versatile, can be used in most installations for both speech, alarm and music because of its wide frequency range. Mounting of the loudspeaker with 3 screws in front of the loudspeaker.


5" 6W ceiling-speaker. Secure screw fit alu. speaker mostly used in installations for speech, alarm and music because of its wide frequency range. No visible screws


6" 6W ceiling-speaker with secure screw mounting. The ceiling speaker is versatile, being used in most installations for public address anouncements


6W traditional cloth fronted wooden effect cabinet. For indoor applications.


6W plastic bidirectional corridor speaker. Simple to install and suitable for many applications . The speaker is ideal for public address and background music systems. )

S$150.00 S$193.00

30W plastic IP67 marine grade weatherproof horn speaker. Manufactured for extreme weather conditions and thus very suitable for outdoor use.

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